Serious planning for any photography adventure commences months before the departure date.

Dr Google provides much information, talking with other seasoned travelers, reading people’s blogs, travel notes and of course talking with my followers on IG filled most, but not all of the gaps.

Weeks out the comprehensive packing list is prepared and progressively added to, double, triple and quadruple checked. Yet each day I always find something else to add to the packing list and that is despite all the travel I have undertaken around the globe.

First item on the list is easy – my camera gear, but this is tailored to what I’ll be shooting at the destination:

My trusty Nikon D850 double checked cleaned and prepared, lenses;  14-24mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm are also cleaned and more than 200GB of memory cards.

A HyperDrive 500GB SSD Backup Drive provides some additional image security.

A cabled remote control and a wireless remote will help with long exposures.

A superlight Sirui T-1204X Carbon Fibre Tripod with K-10x Ball Head has completes my shooting arsenal.

And one more piece of photographic equipment is a DJI Osmo gimballed video camera, to capture rock-steady video of the any landscape I travel.

Passport, travel insurance is checked and Itinerary nears completion.

My typical Itinerary included booked accommodation, booking numbers, email and other contact numbers, a map of the route which will be taken, connecting flight details (if required) vehicle hire details and so on the list goes.

This is taken both as hard copy and soft copy on the iPad.

Clothes are packed according to the climate and duration of the trip.

Final packing takes place 24-48 hours before departure and using this methodology, I’m yet to leave something behind…


Some say it’s Art, some say it’s “magic” – I say it’s using your vision and the tools at hand, in my case, being my trusty Nikon, to Make the Image.

It’s the Making that is the magic of photography.